Problem with turning left and right in unreal

When I try to turn the screen left or right ( by left or right mouse button) , instead of seeing the right and left spaces, the scene rotates around itself. :roll_eyes:
Upload this nerve-wracking problem in a gif file
I searched a lot, but I did not find any solution
:pray: :people_hugging:

Hi @pani_pan ,

You are seeing the limitations of using Unreal’s editor camera when navigating along an Earth sized globe. Since the Earth is not flat, and this camera is not automatically aligned with the surface, it’s very easy to find orientations where rotations become non-intuitive and in extreme cases (like Apollo 11), can lead to losing a degree of movement.

You’ll notice if you go into Play In Editor mode, this problem doesn’t exist. Cesium’s DynamicPawn is now controlling the camera and making it “globe aware”, solving these kinds of issues.

If you need to stay in editor mode and explore parts the globe, I suggest just staying at the default editor viewport position, and setting your CesiumGeoreference coordinates to where you need to view. This keeps the world up aligned well with Unreal up, and makes for a less frustrating camera experience.


When adding things far from chosen ellipsoid I have suggested people just temporarily move the ellipsoid near where they want to work, place object but then be sure to put the ellipsoid back. Else everyone else will start wondering why Florida is sideways in the editor.