PropVR using Cesium for 3D discoverability in real estate

PropVR builds interactive 3D models of real estate projects in India and UAE, using multiple datasets: GeoTIFFs from drone imagery, OpenStreetMap data, and Bing Maps Aerial imagery and Cesium World Terrain in Cesium ion. The team uses AI and proprietary tools to convert the data for a specific project—e.g., floor plans, master plans, and information—into 3D experiences. In Cesium ion, all of this data is hosted and tiled into 3D Tiles and visualized in CesiumJS for streaming to PropVR’s mobile-friendly version or in Cesium for Unreal for XR environments.

Hello Monica,

Thank you for your answer.
Understand, is there an option that we Germany-Bremen get the city as a 3D map from Cesium?



@Hunt_Hunt Hi, Marcel!

Cesium OSM Buildings may have sufficient detail and coverage of Bremen. If you are looking for a specific dataset beyond Cesium OSM Buildings, perhaps see if your local government has made any data publicly available or reach out to data providers like Aerometrex or Nearmap. Once you have this data, you can upload it to Cesium ion for use in your applications.

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I have messaged both companies.
As soon as I got an answer. I will get in touch with you.

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There is a dedicated Geoinformation page maintained by the city of Bremen, where you apparently can “order” 3D Models of Bremen with various levels of Detail, and in various formats:

(They don’t say anything about possible costs - but they might even be free of charge, upon request)

You could probably order these files, and convert them to 3D Tiles with Cesium ion. The previews don’t look like they contain textures, but there seems to be a more detailed data set somewhere, because…

It shows the city of Bremen as a (textured) 3D Tiles tileset:

^ Yes, that’s the Cesium logo :slight_smile:

Hi @Monica ,

There is no link to check out this 3D content of Dubai Metaverse. Can you please share the URL, so that I can experience the same ?

Thank you.

Hello, @Nishant_Ambekar! I believe PropVR creates these as sales tools for their customers. Perhaps take a look at PropVR

Hi @Monica ,

I saw their website but I couldn’t find a link to see it. Are they hosting it offline ? Is it not available on the internet yet due to some limitations ?

Hi, @Nishant_Ambekar—here is the answer I got from PropVR: “For now we work with real estate and retail developers to add their projects onto the map. We are working on a deployment for the public.”