Putting marks onto an orbit

I'm referring to the cesium sandcastle satellites button to show the simple.czml orbit track for ISS
If I use flyHome(0) and flyHome(3600) in there to show another image at a later time the original ISS image is gone.

I tried also putting the coordinates at 3600 seconds in the Lagrange section as the Cartesian coordinates for my mark but that also did not work.

So my question is how does flyHome() and the simple.czml file work together so I can show a mark at different times on the same orbit?

Many thanks!

Hi Victor,

There is no connection between flyHome() and simple.czml.

flyHome(0) tells Cesium to change the view to be pointing at the center of the rectangle defined for Camera.DEFAULT_VIEW_RECTANGLE so that the entire rectangle is visible. Changing the call to flyHome(3600.0) tells Cesium to transition from the current view to the “home” view over 3600 seconds.

Can you say more about what you are trying to accomplish? Do you want to create CZML for a satellite’s orbit and then place markers on the orbit at certain times (e.g. apogee and perigee)?


Yes Scott thanks for letting me know the difference.

My intention is to place one or more markers on the same satellite orbit with certain delay times.

I tried to change the time numbers in the number: field in both the lead time and trail time and put an image at a coordinate at the same delay time in the Lagrange section of the simple.czml but image marker did not show up.

Many thanks,