Question about pricing after the free period ends on May 31

If I understand correctly, we will need a subscription after end of May to use Cesium in Unreal Engine.
I saw different subscription models which basically provided different GB/month that I can download from your servers. Obviously, more GB more expensive.

My question is if this is location based or raw streaming. I noticed that when I turn around in Cesium, tiles will unload and when I turn back around, they are loaded in again. Are those tiles actually streamed in again as they load back in and will cost me GB? Not going to nitpick, by my GB/month will be exhausted in no-time if I just drive on a roundabout for 10mins…

I only want a couple of small areas maybe 5km2 in total. How can i keep on using them without paying for the privilege every month? I’m not technically a community project, just a small single user interested in landscapes. Developing platforms for future commercial benefit maybe, but not for the next year or so at least. Should i just go back to the traditional heightmaps i was using?

Hi All

Yes, starting June 1, you will need a paid Cesium ion subscription to use Cesium ion for commercial use. Cesium ion will continue to have a free community tier for personal use. You can read more about requirements for community/commercial use in the FAQ section of the pricing page.

CesiumJS and Cesium for Unreal both use client-side caching, and Cesium ion uses Amazon CloudFront CDN. So if you see tiles loading and unloading, or if you visit the same areas across different sessions, these will pick up tiles from the cache, and using cache does not impact your Cesium ion streaming usage.

You can track your Cesium ion usage at Cesium ion.

All that said, we will be diving deep into our pricing structure and will be looking into how we can better serve the community. This includes taking another look at our quotas, features like downloading 3D Tiles and more.