Reality tiles and buckets


I am new to Cesium Reality tiles like most of, but a quick quostion thank you. I have been working with entwine with CesiumsJS and it’s somewhat a work to get all that work, so I was interested in cesiumJS and 3D tiles that are hosted in google bucket. It’s possible, but I don’t know the pros and cons between 3D tiles vs entwine; but now I read Reality tiles.

Could I convert my point clouds to Reality tiles? And host them on bucket and render with CesiumsJS ? That would be pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Given you’re interested in the Reality Tiler, I’ve moved your question to the Cesium ion category.



Cesium ion is an online solution for tiling and hosting 3D Tiles. It can tile your point cloud data to produce to 3D Tiles that are hosted by Cesium. You don’t have to use Cesium’s hosting, you are able to download your data and host it on a provider of your choice if you choose. You can still use CesiumJS to view 3D tiles regardless of where they are hosted.

I hope that answers your question. If not, please let us know more information about your use case and details of what you are trying to achieve so we can provide you with a more specific answer.