Reducing my number of Bing Maps sessions with Cesium for Unreal

I’ve gotten an email along these lines the last two months:

I have a few questions about this. I realize they’re probably oversimplified, so if anyone knows the details, that would be super helpful:

  1. Is it true that every time I open an Unreal project that has Cesium, does that use a bing maps session? (I think yes)
  2. Every time I press play, does it use a different bing maps session? (I think yes)
  3. After I’m done playing and go back to the editor, does that use yet another bing maps session? (I think no)
  4. If I do a build and I distribute it, is it true that each time the app is used, it uses a bing maps session that is linked to my account? (I think yes)

Are there any tips for reducing this in Unreal?


Hi @nbaja,

Yes you are correct in your answer to all of your questions. CesiumJS differs in (2), and we should update Cesium for Unreal to match. I wrote an issue to cover this:


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Thank you for the info and thanks for writing up that issue.