Sandcastle not working properly - no textarea.js


I clone the git repository and I'm facing a 404 error after building the project (build, buildApps, release)

http://localhost:8080/ThirdParty/dojo-release-1.10.4/dijit/form/TextArea.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

This prevent Sandcastle to work properly.

The file is missing indeed in the directory.

I don't know if the problem comes from me or not and what I should do to resolve it.



Hello Olivier,

If you look in our GitHub repository, that file is at that location. Try re-cloning the repository to make sure you pulled down all of the files.



Actually, it looks like we’re experiencing the bug you found with our continuous integration build. See this issue:
We should get it fixed soon. Thanks!


It’s a typo error.

SandCastle is looking for TextArea.js when the file is named Textarea.js.

Not sure which one is wrong between the code or the file name…

Thanks! It looks like that got changed accidentally recently. I didn’t notice it before because windows has a case insensitive file system.
It submitted a fix here, and it should be merged in shortly:

Thanks again,