Scale and Rotation in Ion Asset API

Is there currently a way to set scale and rotation in the /v1/assets creation API? If not, are there plans to add this?

Good question - what kind of assets do you need this for?

I’m thinking since this is something you do after the fact, with the tileset location editor, it would be a route separate from the asset creation route. Although some of the tilers do take a position/scale/orientation before tiling, so I think this wouldn’t be too hard to expose, but that’s why I was asking about your use case.

Some testing with woods. So a couple thousand trees. Currently when doing it clientside (non-3D tiled) I randomize scale and heading within certain ranges and the end result is very organic.

I’ve got a nice functioning script for batch uploading to Ion and deleting with appropriate heights based on sampling heights by highest detail.

Simultaneously in trying to work through getting QGIS2ThreeJS to split out one big GLTF of the entire forest, but it doesn’t seem to be outputting correctly.

Is each tree its own asset in ion? I would think it would be far better to tile one asset with all the tiles, or since they’re generated, or just use instancing directly in the engine like in this example:

(Forgive me if we’ve already had this discussion on here, I vaguely remember mentioning this recently)

Yeah so at the moment I’m doing instancing, which is still quite slow unfortunately. So I was trying to test if 3D tiles would be quicker. From my small-scale tests, it looks to be a lot quicker (100 trees vs 100 instanced trees). And yes, each tree being its own tiles is pretty ridiculous, hence my continued experimenting with QGIS2ThreeJS to combine everything into one big model.

Thanks for the response!