Shader error when building VR app Unity

Getting this error

Shader error in ‘Cesium/CesiumDefaultTilesetShader’: ‘PBRDeferredFragment’: cannot convert from ‘struct v2f_surf’ to ‘struct SurfaceDescription’ at Cesium/Library/PackageCache/com.unity.shadergraph@12.1.10/Editor/Generation/Targets/BuiltIn/Editor/ShaderGraph/Includes/PBRDeferredPass.hlsl(145) (on gles3)

Also, is there any documentation how to properly set up the player for Cesium, using XR interaction toolkit? Any special settings to add to the player’s camera?

I’m not sure what would cause that error. But we do have a sample VR level in the Cesium for Unity Samples project. Can you try that out, and see if you have the same problem there?

I was able to go around it by setting up XR Interaction Toolkit example package from Unity, and installing Cesium from scoop registry inside of it. Then I added my own scenes from the old project one by one. (Here is github GitHub - Unity-Technologies/XR-Interaction-Toolkit-Examples: This repository contains various examples to use with the XR Interaction Toolkit)

I also tried going the other way around by opening up Cesium VR example project and importing files from XR Interaction toolkit example project, but it didn’t work. So the first option works great for those who want professionally set up rig with all necessary scripts out of the box. Cesium’s sample VR level contains only basic XR rig set up.