SketchUp -> Cesium

Hi all, aside from exporting a model from SketchUp to Collada, converting to glTF and then loading it with a script in Cesium that includes the lat/long, is there an easier way to get the model into Cesium?

The workflow I would like to have is to be able to take the KMZ created by a SketchUp export and interactively load it into Cesium, just like one can do with Google Earth.

It’s too involved to expect a user (i.e. architect, urban planer) to convert to glTF from Collada, record the lat/long and upload the file into a Cesium app. Suggestions? Thanks!


Hi Greg,

If you need something in the short-term, it would not be difficult to write a small tool to convert kmz/COLLADA to czml/glTF. You could even do this as a web service so the user could just drag and drop onto the globe.

KML in Cesium will eventually support this directly (with a service to convert COLLADA to glTF), but you could probably do something for your specific case now pretty quickly.


Thanks Patrick, very helpful to know this is in the works. If we need the logic sooner we’ll look into building a web service, great to know that thats a possibility.