Stuck on 5% when tiling

Been stuck on 5% and nothing else happening. I have let it run all evening with no change. I saw another poster said his was stuck on 11% but there was no solution. This must happen often. Is there any solution? My tif file was around 1.2 gigs.

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Welcome to the forum. The progress reporting for the terrain tiler is currently uneven in places, especially when using a base terrain (which your asset appears to be using). Your job is still running and there’s no indication that it won’t finish successfully, but it may take a while for it to report further progress percentage.

There are plans to improve base terrain support and progress reporting in the future, but not concrete ETA at this time.

Hi, thanks for the reply, I checked again today and it’s still on 5%.

I can assure you that the tiler is still running. If it fails or times out (we allow a single job to run for up to 24 hours), the state will change to a failure.

I can’t promise you that your asset will complete successfully, it’s entirely possible it will run into a problem or time out. But nothing has happened so far that points to a bug or issue in the process other than the progress reporting is not reflecting the full scope of work being done.

To proactively follow up here, the asset did indeed timeout after 24 hours. I’m writing up an issue for our team to look into.