Swisstopo Files are not supported

Hi there

I want to create a digital twin of an industrial area in nvidia isaac sim using swisstopo data. I was able to set up the quickstart tutorial to run cesium in omniverse. Now I want to use the swisstopo data instead of the cesium world terrain etc.

When I tried to include the building and vegetation model from here in cesium ion, I got a “selected files are not supported.” error, which makes sense since the files are in .dfx or gdb format. The problem is that I could not convert this file to any of the preferred file formats you listed, nor could I find the corresponding file formats on the swisstopo website.

So my question is: How can I get the swisstopo data into cesium ion? If I have to convert the files, which tools do you recommend?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Max_Meier,

I see in the direct swisstopo downloads option, you can only select .dxf or gdb formats. I am curious if you had any success in ordering the CityGML, KML or OBJ formats via email from swisstopo as listed under the Additional Information > File Formats section on the link you provided?

Hi and thanks for the quick reply

No I have not contacted them yet but thanks for the hint. I will ask them directly and will update the forum if that fixed the problem.

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Pity, Max never updated this thread.
We have FME under subscription, so I’m trying to convert the DWG-Buildings
using FME to something ION can use… with little success.

Core questions:

  • Should the coordinate system be “swiss” or “Pseudo Mercator” like everything else in Cesium?
  • How should the Data categorized when asked? (3D Capture/Reality Model / Photogrammetry or
    3D Model (tile as 3d Tiles) or 3D Model (convert to glTF)?
  • What means “native”? FME can write directly to Cesium 3D Tiles…should it be used?


In my case, Dave‘s hint pointed me in the right direction (and I marked it as my solution). I contacted Swisstopo directly and bought the perimeter I needed.
Unfortunately, I ran into more problems regarding the swiss coordinate system. As you can see in this topic.

Thx for your feedback.
Using FME I can provide the usual Pseudo Mercator Coordinate System used in Cesium.
I am building 3D Tiles directly using FME also, but when I upload to ION, the buildings are flying in the air, thus, when putting inside a “story” arent’s visible at all…

Turned out, the buildings were flying, because the Preview has no terrain, so it makes sense that buildings were flying about 400m above zero.

Viewing them with the course global terrain, they were about 43m too low, so I had to offset them and now they are usable.