Transform GDB model to Cesium 3d tiles

I'm trying to convert my GDB model, which is created in City Engine, to Cesium 3d tiles. Both reader and writer are implied with default settings. The transformation process is fine, what I found is the output models are grouped in different set. So every time I click a model, a group of models are triggered.Also, after exporting to Cesium 3D Tiles, the models in the same group share the same properties from first object in tile.

What I am looking for is to keep the original amount of models after transformation, so they are independent and hold their own attributes. What settings are needed to make it work for me?

I personally haven’t used the City Engine export so I’m not sure what settings to recommend there. Maybe try to get in touch with them?


I can’t speak to the exact export settings, but we have successfully tiled several KML + COLLADA datasets exported from CityEngine using a pre-release version of the tilers in Cesium Composer. Email me with a sample dataset if you want us to try your export:




Sorry for my late responding, I just sent my dataset to your email. The original data is in GDB format, I also included the b3dm data I got after using FME translation.

Thanks Ryan