Trying to render a video but everything is black

So I am using a Cine Camera actor and trying to make a video of some geographical features. I keyframe the sequence and everything and when I start rendering the end result is just a blank video. The only visible thing is a default landscape that unreal adds for unknown reasons and It wont allow me to delete it.

Which version of Unreal Engine are you using? If it’s 4.27 (i.e., before 5.0), you should disable “Keep Origin Near the Camera” on the CesiumGeoreference. Otherwise, origin shifting tends to confuse the cine camera.

Hello, I am currently running 5.0.3. Is that a problem version?
There is no “Keep Origin Near the Camera” option for this version.
Please help :frowning:

No, that should be fine. UE5 intentionally doesn’t have the “Keep Origin Near the Camera” option. Are you using the Sequencer to record the video?

I’m not really sure what’s going on, so perhaps it would be useful to try creating a simple sequence in the Cesium for Unreal samples project and see if you can reproduce the problem there. If so, tell us the steps you followed so that we can reproduce the problem ourselves.

I installed CesiumForUnrealSamples.uproject and everything seems to be working fine there. I will just use the sample for my needs as I just need to make a video with some landscape. I’ll post about my other problem in a different thread though.