Trying to render ceasium with google maps

Using ceasium with googlemaps for 3d tiles, getting this error and code completely breaks any input?

Hi @Eric_Ngoiya, could you please provide more information about how you set up CesiumJS? Maybe what other tooling you are using and the configuration?

I’m using next js and google cloud trying to render google photorealistic 3d tiles using ceasium as our render provider.

I’m mostly using the code on the googlemaps website Work with a 3D Tiles renderer  |  Google Maps Tile API  |  Google for Developers

Thanks @Eric_Ngoiya. Can you expand on how you are installing and importing CesiumJS?

If you are using the CDN, it’s sounding like NextJS is having trouble processing the absolute path. You may instead want to install “cesium” with npm, and import it.