UE 5.4: Log-Error "LogHttp: Warning: Reached threaded request limit (11)" + Holes in Render/ Cutoff

Hey there, at first cesium worked kinda fine for me but now I’m always getting this Log-Warning (Spam) when rendering out my Sequence in the MRQ. I thought it was because of my API key and sending out too many requests but when entering a new API key the warning showed up again.

Do you know what could be the root of the problem here or a better workaround?
(in the Detail panel of CesiumGeoreference I switched the Source to Cesium Ion but there I also got the same log warning) :frowning:
I attached a pic on how the error translates in my case. (Red circle means theres a part of the structure/ location missing).


This is unfortunately a problem introduced by Epic’s Marketplace team in the course of publishing the latest version of Cesium for Unreal. We’re trying to get it corrected, but in the meantime you can solve it by installing our build of the plugin instead of Epic’s. Instructions here:

More details about the problem here:

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Hey! Thanks for the fast answer and help.

Now I removed the Cesium plugin I installed from the Epic Games Marketplace (deinstalled it) and installed the github version. Weirdly I still got the issue when opening the same project file. Thats also not normal right?

So this is why I set up a brand new project file. I didnt get the “Reached threaded request limit…” Warning but instead got a different spam warning (see attached picture below).
Does this one impact performance in the render (I just need everything to look good inside the final render) or is it nothing to worry about?

I haven’t seen those new warnings; I’m not quite sure what they mean. It sounds like perhaps you have Navigation enabled, but it’s not fully set up?

If the “Reached threaded request limit” messages are gone, then switching to our build of the plugin did what it was supposed to do.

As for why parts of your model are still missing, it’s hard to say. It looks like you might be using MRQ with a view that is taller than it is wide. If so, there’s a very commonly encountered limitation in MRQ that impacts Cesium for Unreal’s ability to select the correct tiles with such an aspect ratio. More information about the problem, as well as how to work around it, can be found here:

I’ve noticed the warnings but it doesn’t seem to have done anything to our project. As to holes, hadn’t seen that. Oh and I’m on 5.3.2 (trying to get the money people to buy into the project and don’t want to saddle them with the new 5.4 license rules right off the bat) so it isn’t just a UE 5.4 thing.

What do you mean by “…(trying to get the money people to buy into the project and don’t want to saddle them with the new 5.4 license rules right off the bat) so it isn’t just a UE 5.4 thing.”

So if I get the Log message “Reached threaded requet limit…” does that mean I need to upgrade for a commercial license?

No, it was a mention of my own motivation on why I did not migrate to 5.4.

These warnings should now be fixed in UE 5.2 and 5.3. If you’re still seeing them, please upgrade to v2.6.0 from the Unreal Marketplace.

On UE 5.4, you may still see “threaded request limit” warnings in the Editor only. This should be harmless (other than the annoying spam) and will be fixed in the next release. The issue is described here: