UE 5.4 nDisplay Issues

I was trying with my team to build an environment for virtual production using Cesium to get a landscape and applying it inside an LED Volume made by 14 screens with a 4k output for each.

The main issue that I was facing is that when running the session (at the first attempt I started before the clusters and then the editor) only some nodes renders the output from the geospatial informations (like only 2 workstations were showing the map, the other 12 and the editor too were not showing anything, only the empty sky).

I noticed that inside the editor output log there was a printed log:

LogCesium: Error: [2024-07-04 15:27:37.907] [error] [ErrorList.h:72] Errors when loading tileset:

When changing some details or refreshing tilesets, it updates and shows the output on other 2 nodes, meanwhile on the others there’s only the empty sky.

Has anyone any suggestion to fix this?

Have you already unchecked the Enable Frustum Culling setting for your tileset? For us this was necessary with nDisplay for some tilesets. Unreal apparently sometimes thinks the tileset is not inside the viewport/camera frustum anymore on some of the displays when e.g. turning .


If you have already done this then maybe you’re running into request limits with the Google API when running 14 nodes simultaneously.

Yup, already unchecked inside the details panel.
I was thinking about a access limit or a request limit.
I tried too to insert (and not) an Ion Access Token.

Hi @Padrespio ,

You are most likely hitting Google’s limit of 5 root requests / minute.

There’s some related talk in this thread too.

First thought is to try to stagger starting up your workstations? Start a session, wait 15 sec, starts next session, wait 15 sec, etc.

Once all workstation sessions are started they should all work fine. It’s just the initial root request that’s throttled.