Upload fails via REST API but succeeds via dashboard

The strangest thing: I am attempting to upload 3DTiles using the REST API.

the upload consists of 2 files:

  • JSON file
  • i3dm file

When I upload using the dashboard, it succeeds (see asset ID 920184)

When I upload using the REST API, the files are uploaded (asset ID 919923), but I get this error:

The failed upload originates from a Java application, but I doubt that this is the problem as the files do seem to be uploaded successfully. However, my Java application keeps checking for the asset’s status and the value of ‘percentComplete’ is always 0.

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Could it have something to do with the upload sequence? Does the Cesium team have access to some log files that would indicate what went wrong?

[EDIT] Here’s another weird observation: The access token I use with the REST API does not show up in the usage statistics in the Cesium dashboard.

Any help helps…

here is additional info. The first step of the upload is:

  "description":"3DTiles data",

The upload starts and I periodically check for status.

Status starts out as “Initializing” but soon ends with “An unknown tiling error occurred”.

Oddly, the very same files can be uploaded via the dashboard.