Use cesium to make a real world MMOGAMES

I want to use cesium for unreal to make the map scene of an MMO. It can be understood as a game scene like World of Warcraft, but its map will be clearer and more beautiful, and you can set the map like the unreal landscape. Since cesium is spherical, there is a difference in the direction of gravity between the eastern and western hemispheres. I don’t know how to solve these things right now, but I would love to use cesium to make a real world MMOGAMES.Do we need to convert cesium into landscape? If converted to landscape, it will not be able to load such a large scene, and the memory and video memory will crash.

Cesium solves the “I’m on the other side of the world and gravity isn’t down” problem by using georeferenced sublevels.

You can read about them here,