UV's not working

Hi I’ve been trying to get my UVs to work in Unreal but every object I upload doesn’t seem to have the UVs.

I downloaded a random fbx model from a website and uploaded it and this model’s UVs load in Unreal but none of the models I’ve uploaded work.
2581702 (model downloaded from free model website with UVs that load in Unreal)


Hi James,

Can you please walk us through the problem in more detail? In what way do the UVs not work? When you say you upload an object, do you mean to Cesium ion?

Hi Kevin, thank you for getting back to me.

When I say objects, I mean FBXs that uploaded to Cesium Ion.

In Unreal, the UVs appear black for the model. The image below shows a normal sphere static mesh in Unreal with a basic UV material working. Models loaded via the Cesium plugin are circled in orange, and the completely black ones are the ones I uploaded as FBXs.

The model that is working was just a test of using a model from Sketchfab that seems to read the UVs.

We ended up uploading the models as GTLF, as that seems to work with vertex colour and UVs loading in Unreal correctly.