View will not move when offline

Working to get an offline solution but the W A S D keys don’t seem to work when I am offline. I assume it is something in the DynamicPawn but nothing is sticking out at me. Any pointers?

Hi @daphishbowl,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

To confirm, the keyboard controls are working as expected when online, right? For your offline level, have you changed the all the tilesets in the scene to use a local file or server? Is it possible that you still have a tileset that is attempting to stream from ion?

Does this issue persist with other controllers, like the third person template controller? If needed, you can follow this tutorial for instructions on testing out other controllers.

One thing you can try is checking the input mappings of your project. In the editor, click on Edit/Project settings. You can find your input axis mappings in the “Input” section of the project settings. If your inputs are set up correctly, the MoveForward axis should be tracking the W and S key, like in this screenshot -


Thanks for the reply. Yes everything works fine when online. I am still in the process of setting up my local server so I assume it is still trying to stream from ion but I didnt think that would prevent me from using the WASD keys since the mouse can still look around. I thought I would just see black for the map.

I checked the settings in the picture you posted since I saw another tutorial mentioning the same to add WASD but mine are blank so I thought there must be something else making the WASD working for the standard cesium project.

I did see the following in Dynamic Pawn which looked like what was making the mouse work but still couldnt find the WASD. It seemed to just work. I will add the input mappings and check out the tutorial to see if that fixes it. Maybe something deep in UE4 is making the WASD work.

thanks again for the pointer.

Hi @daphishbowl,

It does look like your default input is not set up. These are often added when importing game modes and pawns, but sometimes you’ll need to manually add them. This page demonstrates how to add each input in Unreal Engine, which I recommend if you’re looking at creating custom controls.

On the other hand, if you just need the DynamicPawn controls and do not need to modify or add anything, you can do the following to copy the input from one project to another.

  1. If you haven’t already, download Cesium for Unreal Samples and make a project with it.
  2. Locate the Cesium for Unreal Samples project directory on your computer.
  3. In the Cesium For Unreal project folder, find the Config folder and open it.
  4. Copy the file DefaultInput.ini.
  5. Open the project directory that you wish to copy the input to.
  6. Open the Config folder. Replace the DefaultInput.ini in your project folder with the DefaultInput.ini from your CesiumForUnrealSamples project.
  7. Open the Unreal project, and the inputs should now be set up. (If the project was already open, restart.)


@agallegos, So I copied the ini file and the keys show up on Project Settings now but it I still cant move. Playing around I added the elevation to my HUD display and it seems it is moving by 1 unit. The samples I started from has coded in the mouse wheel to adjust the speed but that isn’t working when offline. I added debug statements when I scroll the wheel and it seems it is getting the event. I also tried adjusting the units from 1/-1 on the Project Settings->input definition to something really large and still didn’t work.

Hi @daphishbowl,

Can you try adding some various objects to the scene near the player start, like cubes etc? Then let me know if you’re able to move relative to those objects when offline.


Yeah that is what I have and the looking around with the mouse works but using wasd keys to move toward/away from the objects does nothing.