3D Model or 3D Capture?

One common question I see is when uploading your photogrammetry/3D models to Cesium ion, should you choose “3D Model” or “3D Capture” ?

You should choose 3D Capture if your 3D model was generated from drone, LiDAR, or any mesh data that has been captured or generated from real world sensors.

You should choose 3D Model (tile as 3D Tiles) for any “constructed” 3D models, the kind you would build with a modeling tool, such as Blender, Revit, Microstation, etc…

If your model is small (10 mb or less), or doesn’t have a lot of detail, you can choose “3D Model (convert to glTF)” and it won’t be tiled into 3D Tiles.

Each pipeline has optimizes the uploaded data in a different way that’s more suited to that type of data. Long term, we want to eliminate the need to make this choice at all and detect the best algorithm to use based on the content of the uploaded model.

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