Cesium Panel Dissappered

The Cesium Panel Disappeared as I progressed from the QuickStart Tutorial to the Add Dataset Tutorial. The Cesium seemed still be there, however, not the Panel. In fact when I went back to my project4 which is the Quickstart, I no longer saw the Panel.

Is there a limit on a number of trials that I could try? or I am missing something?
How do I remove the plugin and try the dataset tutorial fresh?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Successfully completed the Quickstart

  2. Move on to Add data set tutorial

3 I could not do step 2 of the tutorial which is to open the Cesium Panel. Please refer to previous attachment

Thanks in advance for helps

It looks like the Cesium panel is still there?

Sorry for the wrong picture. That one was obtained from the good quickstart excersise.
Please see this update for adding dataset exercise, where the button to start Cesium is missing

You should still be able to open the panel by going to Window > Cesium.

Thanks. I will try

It did it! Thanks again.