Distorted 3D geometries only in an specific area


I send you guys this message because we are having some issues with a Layer that we have uploaded into Cesium ION (ID 2329465)

For some reason, the geometries of some 3D models that we upload into Cesium ION appear distorted.

This only happens in a small specific area but in others the geometries are displayed correctly. That’s a single layer.

We do not know what the error could be since we uploaded all the models in the same way and this had not happened to us before.

We wrote this post Distorted 3D geometries only in specific area a year ago but we did not resolved the issue in the end.

We uploaded this models in other viewers and the models were fine, we are just seeing them distorted when uploaded to Cesium ION.

Could you help us?


Hi, we apologize you are having some issues with the geometry in asset 2329465.

Are you able to provide a smaller sample that has distortion issues, or more details about where in the data set you are seeing the distortion? The dataset you provided covers a large area we would need more information to be able to locate the issue you are describing.


Thanks for the response.

In the asset that I provided, there are 4 models. In the following image I marked in the asset where there are 2 of them (in the right upper corner and left bottom corner):

As you can see, both models are slightly distorted, and in some other assets that we have uploaded the distortions are even bigger.

Some moment ago, I just uploaded a new asset (2338234) with just the model of the upper right corner and in this asset the model appears fine, so it looks like this is a problem that happens when there are multiple models in the asset.

If you need any more information, please let me know.


Hi, Thank you for that additional information. I have opened an issue for our team to investigate further. In the mean time, you can try turning off Draco compression if you find you are having trouble with distortion. That may give less distorted results. Here is the example from your asset with and without Draco compression

With Draco compression on (default)

With Draco compression off


Thanks for the reply. It looks like without the Draco compression the models are fine! :slight_smile:

If you need anything else to definitely solve the issue, plese let me know and I’ll gladly help.