Error loading a tileset dynamically

I would like to load the data while the game is running, but I find that the earth shifts its position at first and after moving the mouse the earth returns to its original position. Also interesting is that my camera loads data when it is close to the earth and the position is just right. I would like to know how I can load at runtime without the position shifting.


Have you taken a look at world origin rebasing? Near the end of that section of documentation, it shows a few settings that might help you out.

On the other hand, if you already have the Keep World Origin Near Camera setting disabled, then there may be some other issue.

Are you able to provide any images or videos of this issue in action? It would be helpful to see how far the earth is shifting.


I have disabled the keep world origin close to camera setting and can generate an actor at the origin, but it picks up very close, not as far as it could with the keep world origin close to camera setting. I wonder if it is possible to generate an actor without shifting the position while maintaining the world origin.


That is super odd.

Try creating a new project from the Cesium for Unreal Samples. If you use one of those scenes and generate a tileset at runtime, does it show the same behavior?

Can you share your code for generating this tileset? Or, can you provide steps to reproduce this issue?


Thanks for your help, I have solved the problem. I set the origin point from new when loading so that there is no problem with the offset.