Error when trying to build my game in the file : CompileCesiumForUnityNative.cs

Hello everyone,
I followed the different steps from the cesium website and the github page to build an application with cesium in unity, After that I used the panel cesium in unity to add a globe and the dynamic camera. The first thing a bit weird is inside the dynamics camera there is a missing script i don’t know why. But when i look at my game in unity it seems to work well event if i have this warning :

So after testing my game i tried to build it but i have this message of error :

So if someone has the solution, i would be grateful.

The warning is possibly this issue?

If so, it should be harmless. If you’re not using HDRP, please screenshot your DynamicCamera game object in the Editor so we can see what you have there.

As for your packaging error, take a look at that message carefully. It’s telling you to find details of the actual problem in a log file. If you look at that log file, the problem may be obvious to you. If it’s not, please share it with us.