Feature Request: Splat Map data

Hey, I was wondering if your roadmap includes generating splat maps using image segmentation of the texture which is applied to Cesium world terrain. This is the kind of thing that Microsoft flight simulator did. There is a post about it in unreal forums as well by someone who recreated it on a smaller scale

And here is the video:

And there seems to be a plugin in development called UnrealWild which is doing the same as well: https://unrealwild.com/

I think this is a much-needed feature (along with adding bathymetric data for ocean depths) that would immediately make the globe far better because we will be able to paint foliage and trees and rocks etc on matching textures.

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This would be completely awesome and open many more possibilities for the plugin! And yes, I’ve seen (and talked with the guys from) UnrealWild, and they really do some magic! But they have no pricing or services set up yet, they are still developing their (very advanced) core technology.

After creating our own flat worlds using World Composition and manually converting geodata and satellite images into Unreal landscapes we now have multiple options to render full WGS84 worlds. At last! I love it, thanks for the great work @CESIUM!


Hello @rakshitmishra007,

Thanks for compiling all these resources! This is something we’ve been discussing for a while. It would be great to add in the plugin and very useful, so it (or something similar) is on our roadmap.

We apparently didn’t have an issue for it, so I created one here. Feel free to add any other information or suggestions on that issue to help guide future development.

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Thank you so much for adding this to the roadmap, Alex. If I find some other info related to this, I will be happy to share it!

Okay so I looked into this Blackshark AI that Microsoft flight simulator 2020 used and here is what I found. Please take a look at this. It is absolutely incredible:

And here is their website: