Splat maps from satellite images

Hello! First of all, thanks for all the possibilities offered by this plugin. Been spending the time since launch uploading photogrammetry models and higher-res terrains.

Feature request: As other users have pointed out, being able to import splat maps from satellite images would allow us to generate foliage that pairs with the texture draped on the landscapes. Here’s a blog post that’s been referenced: Terrain Recreation from Satellite Imagery (Similar to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020) - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums

There’s also the upcoming plugin UnrealWild which does the same thing: https://www.unrealwild.com/

What if Cesium generated a (relatively low res) splat map from Landsat 8 data via this type of machine learning algorithm, stored it in a separate raster texture pass, and fed it into the generated landscape? Or perhaps the dataset already exists? Feature recognition in sat images has been going on for a while.

Again, thank you for your work, we’re busy on our end trying to align Cesium with our mission goals.

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second that.

would not even mind of it was non-realtime. If Cesium streams a few tiles, then processes the images for a few minutes to create splat maps. Then populates the terrain using the splat maps. Fine with me.

Unreal did a talk about this a few months ago, but they marked the video as private. They used something called Trian3d to do it.