Photogrammetry disappeared

In the running state, the 3DTiles disappear when you get close to them.But away from a certain distance it reappeared

I don’t know why I can’t upload PNG images or GIFs

Uploading: zc.png…

That’s usually caused by incorrect bounding volumes in your tileset. What tileset are you using and how was it created?

I think this is a BUG because I created a new project with completely unchanged steps, but it didn’t happen.Does the boundary volume refer to the blue sphere? If it is, I can make sure it surrounds my photogrammetry.I used cesium Blank 3DTiles Tileset to load the server URL, which is a file named tileset.json

Perhaps your tileset or CesiumGeoreference Actor has a non-identity transform in the non-working project? In Cesium for Unreal v2.0.0 that should be ok, but it didn’t work well in prior versions.