Render tiles at highest quality regardless of distance

I’m attempting to render tiles from a very far distance. I’ve noticed that at a low distance, the map detail is crisp, but as distance increases above the ellipsoid, the quality goes down considerably. I know this is a feature, but is there any way to prevent this degradation in quality?

You probably don’t actually want “highest detail regardless of distance.” Imagine a horizon view of the Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles. If you rendered every bit of the Earth that’s in view at the highest detail, you’d be sitting there waiting to download terabytes of data. And attempting to load and render that would surely cause the application to crash.

So, what are you really trying to achieve? If you just need more detail (rather than “all” detail), that can be achieved by reducing the “Maximum Screen Space Error” property. For example, change it from the default of 16 down to 8 or 4 or maybe even 2. Each time you cut it in half you’ll approximately quadruple the amount of data that needs to be downloaded and rendered.

You’re right I was thinking about my problem in the wrong way.