Why global and cartographicpolygon change position with doing nothing?

the line should stick the ground, I put this mesh by hand,but yesterday, all the mesh float in the air.
Please help me, thanks in advance!


all the polygon also change position

Hello @Cecile,

There’s a few things you can check to narrow down this issue.

If you are using UE4, is the “Keep World Origin Near Camera” setting enabled on the CesiumGeoreference actor? If so, try disabling it.

For your mesh actor, you can add a Globe Anchor component to help it maintain its position on the globe.

It’s very odd that the Cartographic Polygon is also moving, since it should already be georeferenced. Can you share more information about your computer operating system, version of Unreal Engine, and version of Cesium for Unreal?


Hi @agallegos,
Thank u for replying to me.
I check the setting, and It’s disable.
I forgot a real important thing. All these odd things also in my packaged project! (I mean the global go down,so some mesh should be under earth,now appearing).
I didn’t change anything, the global changed, the Cartographic Polygon changed.
For project ongoing, I manually change the “cesium terrian” relativelocation Z(increased), I think it’s probably go back to original view.But I think I’m not tackle the problem at its root. It’s temporary solution .
For Cartographic Polygon, it looks like moving towards one direction a few meters.
My UE vesion is 4.27.2. Cesium for Unreal version is 1.9.0(replacing my own terrain and image data)
Operating system is Windows 10.
Is there anything I can provide?
Really Thank u for helping me!


How strange!
In my packaged project,something real strange!
The whole global go down,all my meshes floating in the air,but it’s already a package!

And all the polygon fly around.

Hi @Cecile,

It sounds like the other post you created about this issue in your packaged project is all part of the same issue, so I’ve combined these two threads.

It would help to figure out if this is a data issue or a plugin issue. You mentioned you are using your own terrain and imagery data - Can you try creating a scene with just Cesium World Terrain and a Cartographic Polygon, and see if it’s still having issues?

If so, can you create a new project from scratch, then test Cesium World Terrain only again?

Let me know if testing without your datasets resolves the issue.



Hi @agallegos,
Good news, the earth go back to original position. There’s only one thing I do. I pull the latest version plugin, and still using my own data. LOL. I think my datasets is ok.
The Cartographic Polygon problem is uncommon. From the beginning of my project(until now about 6 months), this problem happend maybe just tiwce.I used Cesium World Terrain and polygon. They are all right,nothing wrong.
After finding wrong polygons, I replace wrong polygons with right postion polygons files(I have original data)

If I have some progress, I will post!
Thank u!